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PP Strapping Machine

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Speedy Packing: It can do 25 – 30 straps/ min, thus ensuring high production.

Labor Cost Savings: This machine can easily pack equivalent to Four Manual Strapping Systems; good amount of savings can be done.

Material Cost Saving: As it seals the joints by method of heat sealing there is no requirement of metal clips. Further there is savings in strap cost as looping is not required.

Low Maintenance: It requires minimum maintenance as all the parts of this machine are of high quality.

Mobility: It can be easily shifted in the shop floor from one place to another place.


Strap Cycle Speed1.4 Secs/Cycle
Strap Width9,12,15 MM (ADJUSTABLE)/ 6 MM (OPTIONAL)
Package SizeMinimum 60 mm, Max: Unlimited
Driving MotorHP; 220 V/220 W
Power SupplyAC 220/230, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase