Ratchet Lashing

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We introduce ourselves as leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Polyester Ratchet Lashing to replace steel strapping, traditional jute ropes, chains and wires used for transportation and for a variety of other applications. It is widely used to secure cargo while transporting, shifting or storage. Our offered Ratchet Lashing is manufactured from high tenacity yarns embedded in a polymer coating to deploy the latest development in lashing technology. It is available in a wide variety of widths and strengths. Tension Retaining & Shock Absorbing Capacity with Maximum Joint Efficiency is one of its characteristics. It can secure cargo of more than 40 Metric Tons and have replaced Wire Ropes, Steel Chain, PP Ropes, Wooden Choking and other conventional methods of Lashing. It ensures Rust Free, Scratch Free, Fungus Free and Damage Free Lashing System.
It is the most effective way to secure cargo on way transport unit containers, flat racks, rail cars or ships. This dynamic cargo securing solutions keeps the cargo still even on the move. These solutions are referred for safe & cost-effective shipping. It has breaking strength up to 10,000 kgs / 22046.23 lbs and system breaking strength is up to 20,000 kgs. It can be supplied in standard colours orange, yellow & white or can be customized upon request. It is available in single & two part system. It has comprehensive range to suit a range of applications. These ratchets are available with different types of j hook viz 10 mm, 11 mm & 12 mm.