Semi auto MAP Tray Sealer

Introduction: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (or MAP) is the practice of manipulating the atmosphere inside packaging containing perishable foods (eg Sweets, Snacks, Dairy Products & Meat etc). The goal of the process is to increase the shelf life of the product contained within.


  • Longer Shelf Life of Food Due to Extremely Low Oxygen Residual (<0.5%)
  • Maintains Food Quality & Aroma
  • Minimizes Food Waste
  • Reduces the Need to Use Additives
  • Facilitates Bulk Production in Advance
  • Improves Supplying to Long Distance Markets

Salient Features

  • Touchscreen for Easy Setting of Recipes
  • Cycle Time (3 Cycles / Min.)
  • Fast Exchangeable Tray Mould (< 3 Minutes)
  • MOC: Cast Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Material to Safe Guard Rust Issues and Easy Cleaning
  • Accurate Vacuum & Gas Flushing Systems
  • Suitable for Sealing Standard Trays & Cups
  • Save Cycle Time to Load & Unload of the Tray Operation


  • Sweets
  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Fresh & Processed Meat
  • Cheese
  • Milk Powder
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Ready to Eat Meals
  • Case Ready Meat
  • Fresh Poultry Products
  • Fish
  • Sea Food
  • Dairy Products


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Technical Specs


Model VP-7878-MAP
Down Chamber Height 100 MM
Film Max.  Size (W x D) 380 MM x 350 MM (Customizable as Per Requirements)
No. of Trays Can Feed At a  Time 250 Gms x 4 Nos, 500  Gms x 2 Nos  & 1 Kg x 1 Nos.
Control  Panel PLC with Touch HMI Mitsubishi or Fuji Japan
Electric Supply 3 KW, 415 V, 3 Phase
Vacuum % 21 m3/Hr (Busch or Becker German Make)
Cycles Per  Minute 1 to 3
Operation on Trays Vacuum + Gas + Sealing + Cutting
Pneumatic Parts Janatics or SMC
Machine Construction Aluminum or  SS 304
Machine Dimensions (L x  W x H) 1300 MM x 1200 MM x 1600 MM
Machine Weight 220 Kgs Approx
Gas Flushing Attachment In Built
Compressed Air Required 6 – 7  Kgs CM2

NB : Machine will be supplied with 1 Set of Mould for Ordered Size. For each pack size a              separate Mould is required and will cost Extra.

*Accessories Required : Gas Mixture & Gas Analyzer etc.