Vijay Enterprise

Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine

It has found application in all kind of industries where packing volume is high. It can strap Boxes/ Cartons/ Bales/ Bundles etc. with PP / plastic strapping very speedily, efficiently & most economically.

Salient Features

  • Easy Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Instant Heating in Only 20 Seconds
  • Electricity Saving Device
  • Advanced PCB Control System
  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Adjustable Strapping Tension
  • 100% Taiwanese Origin


  • Speedy Packing: It can do 25 - 30 straps/ min, thus ensuring high production.
  • Labor Cost Savings: This machine can easily pack equivalent to Four Manual Strapping Systems; good amount of savings can be done.
  • Material Cost Saving: As it seals the joints by method of heat sealing there is no requirement of metal clips. Further there is savings in strap cost as looping is not required.
  • Low Maintenance: It requires minimum maintenance as all the parts of this machine are of high quality.
  • Strapping Tension: It can create tension up to 45 - 50 Kgs, thus ensuring sufficient tightness of packages and minimal chances of loosening in transit as compared to manual methods.
  • Mobility: It can be easily shifted in the shop floor from one place to another place.

Areas of Application

It is widely applied in the industries such as Newspaper, Book Publishers, Note Book, CFC Boxes, Fan, FMCG Product, Marine Industry, Foot Wear, Leather Industry, Offset Printing, Pharmaceutical, Garments, Food Processing & many more… Check Our Range of models