Vijay Enterprise

Carton Sealing Machine

It is an Economic Series of Model of Carton Sealing Machine, which has found application in all kind of industries where packing volume is high. The machine is ideal for batch packing of uniform cartons by applying BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes. The tape is also applied properly without leaving any scope for opening up-transit, thus avoiding any kind of in-transit loss/ pilferage of the product. Salient Features/ Benefits

  • Simple Design & Sturdy Construction
  • In Feed / Out Feed Roller Conveyor
  • Break Type Castor Wheel
  • Telescopic Legs
  • Top & Bottom Drive
  • Requires Minimum Maintenance
  • Mostly Suitable for Medium Production
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Economically Priced
  • Speedy Packing This machine can do packing very speedily at a speed of 20 Mtrs / Minute. One Carton Sealing Machine can pack equivalent to pack almost Three to Four Manual Tape Dispensers by using Manual Labor. However, actual speed depends upon the box length & operator’s feeding efficiency.
  • Labor Cost Savings In case of offline production only one labor is required just to feed the cartons. In case of online, it can be connected to Automatic Production Line; hence, no manpower is required.
  • Low Maintenance Vijaypack Carton Sealing Machines are made using best quality raw materials & components with the help of latest and technologically advanced Plant & Machineries deploying highly qualified & skilled workers under Strict Quality Control; thus ensuring that the machines manufactured & supplied are of highest quality with minimum or no breakdown & very low maintenance.
  • User Friendly This machine is easy to operate; and machine settings can be adjusted as per carton width & height very easily.
  • Pilfer Proof Once sealed by adhesive tape, there are minimum chances of pilferage during transit, unless cut by some sharp tool.
  • Uniform Packing Carton Sealing Machine can dispense BOPP Tape uniformly to seal cartons as compared to manual methods; resulting is better packaging with minimum wastage.
  • Savings in Tape Cost By Using Carton Sealing Machine side lengths are exact; thus avoiding wastage and ultimate savings in Tape Cost.
  • Mobility Since the machine is fitted with castors, it can be easily shifted in the shop floor from one place to another place as per customers’ requirement.
Industrial Application Carton sealing machine is widely used in the industries such as Electrical Domestic Appliances, Foodstuffs, Biscuit, Edible Oil, Beverages, Transport & Logistics, Textiles, General Merchandise, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food Processing, FMCG, Lubricants & many more…